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The Golden Rule Wins

What is the culture of your home health care services?  How do you reflect that in your marketing value proposition? It’s surely not that of the freeloader, the person who always takes but rarely gives, creating a drain on the … Continued

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The Hardest Home Health Care Sell

Is when you have to get the prospective client to admit they’re wrong. Most people (and certainly most elderly people) are not quick at giving up their world view to embrace another. Consider the smoker.  A smart, intelligent person who … Continued

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Opportunity Knocks…

…but it may not be who you expect at the door. Thomas Edison said: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” We recently had a home health care client who quit … Continued

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Well-Rounded Home Health Care Services

You’re probably tempted to think of your home health are services as well-rounded, and that’s the impression you’d like to give through your marketing. But just what does well-rounded mean?  Does it mean you take care of many types of … Continued

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Fear of Marketing Can Cost You

What has fear cost you in life? A risky but adventurous trip to an exotic land? An investment that would have paid off big? Going for a job that was really your “calling”? The love of your life? Fear is … Continued

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